From up and down 3rd, 2nd, 1st, Lexington, Park, Madison and 5th Avenues, East Harlem’s local shops offer hard-to-find items, often reflecting the area’s many cultures. Souvenirs from all over the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa can be found, as well as boutiques that have been lost in other neighborhoods but still hold roots in El Barrio. It is also home to many of NYC’s sneaker and specialty-urban-wear shops.

(For additional local buisnesses, please visit the Map page)

Specialty: Candy Store and Special Event Space
202 East 110th Street (btw 3rd & 2nd Avenue)
(212) 860-3380
Specialty: Retail Marketplace
1509 Park Avenue (@115th St)
Specialty: Best Quality, Pure Fragrance  & Essential Oils  (retail and wholesale)
1645 Lexington Avenue (corner 104th St)
(212) 410-0600
Specialty: Latin Music, Instruments, & Hard To Find Collectibles
151 East 116th Street (btw Lexington and 3rd Ave)
(212) 427-6062
Specialty: Independant Bookstore, Latin American Authors
143 East 103rd Street (btw Lexington and Park Ave)
(212) 426-2626
Specialty: Barbershop/Beauty Salon/Nail Salon/Spa
1571 Lexington Avenue (btw 101st and102nd Sts.)
(646) 682-7227
Specialty: Leading supplier of garden supplies and plants in NYC
1640 Park Avenue (at 116th St.)
(646) 872-3991