The Neighborhood 360 Program was created by the NYC Department of Small Business Services to identify, develop and launch commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local stakeholders.


About Us

In 2016 The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) commissioned a series of Community Development Needs Assessments (CDNA) in 11 districts throughout the entire City of New York. The CDNAs established base line assumptions for community development and suggested solutions based on observations and data collected directly from each District. By the end of that year, the City had contracted with selected Community Based Organizations (CBOs), responsible for materializing and carrying out the solutions proposed in the CDNAs. Each one representing a comprehensive Economic Development Program called: Neighborhood 360. One of these districts was East Harlem, and in January 2017, the Business development Center of Union Settlement (BDC) undertakes an unprecedented, $1.5MM,
3-year economic development program geared to assisting small businesses within the District. East Harlem 360 had been born!

Working directly with merchants and stakeholders, the Program targets specific developmental areas through the following dedicated components:

  1. District Marketing
  2. Placemaking (Business Promotion)
  3. Coordination
  4. Merchant Organizing
  5. Business Support & Retention
  6. Cleaning & Beautification

All of them gearing towards the improvements of the business district (Commercial Corridors) ensuring current merchants remain in the community, increase profits and grow business. Stay tuned for news on each component…


EH360 Contact List


The Partners

Union Settlement Business Development Center – (646) 545-5204

Edwin Nieves, Senior Director
(646) 545-5202

Sandra de Leon, Deputy Director
(646) 545-5203

Hope Community

Jeremy Vega, District Marketing Manager
(212) 860-8821

Uptown Grand Central

Carey King, Executive Director

The Managers

Pablo Guzman, Project Manager
(212) 828-1593

Jacqueline Tesman, Assistant Project Manager
(646) 672-5047